System Antennas

Grass Valley main tower. This site uses a community antennas for receive and transmit combiners.

Grass Valley Tower

The super stationmaster on the right center of the picture is at the 300 foot level. This is the back up for the system.

Hub Backup antenna

At the hub site there is a 35 foot Rohn 25 tower used for up and down linking.

Link Tower

The Shingle Spring site down link antennas are at the 10 foot level of the tower.

Shingle Spring link antennas

The antenna at the right position is the master receive antenna at the 90 foot level.

Vaca Receive Antenna

These are the main transmit yagis, side mounted to the tower.

Vaca Transmit Antenna

This is a Scala 900 MHz corner reflector for the up link from the hub to Mt. Vaca.

900 MHz up link antenna

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