System Equipment

This is the front of the Motorola Micor Repeater, with a 902 MHz receiver and a continuous duty transmitter.

147.195 Main Rack

This is a close up of the hub of the system. The main controller, dvr, graphic eq, 902 up link transmitter and cabinet power suppy.

Main Hub

This is a close up view of the rear of the controller, eq, and the 900 MHz up link transmitter.

Rear view of the eq

This is a view of the hub cabinet. Note the cavities on the wall for the UHF down link receivers.

Hub Cabinet

These are the Motorola UHF Micor down link receivers.

UHF down link receivers

This is a back view of the hub cabinet with the Icom remote bases and review of the controller and graphic equalizer.

Remote Bases

Motorola VHF Motran voting receiver. Note the pc board on the bottom left is the touch tone decoder.

VHF Voting Rx

This is the underside of the voting receiver showing the custom audio/cos board.

VHF voting rx

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