Site Photos

This is the Grass Valley radio vault. The rows of racks are for different bands and filters.

This is the Shingle Spring radio vault. Some where there is a voting receiver in this room.

Shingle Springs Site

Another view of the Shingle Spring radio vault. Last count there was 100 cabinets in this room. It does get a little warm in there.

Shingle Springs Site

This is a view of downtown Sacramento looking to the northwest.

Downtown Sacramento

This is the shack at Lake Tahoe. The building is on 10 foot legs to keep it above the snow line.

Lake Tahoe

This is a view of a Caltran site at Echo Summit. Notice the vertical pipes used as an entrance after the building is buried in the snow.

Echo Summit

This is the commercial tower at the main hub of the system.

Hub Tower

This the Mt. Vaca site. There are over 30 radio sites along a 2 mile ridge.

Vaca Site

Here is one of worlds greatest helper, Mike Flud WU7Q. The view behind him is of Lake Tahoe from 8000 feet.

Mike Flud WU7Q

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